Portugal – Ferragudo

October 14, 2011

My last Portugal post I promise…

On our last night in Portugal my Husband and I went for a drive to find this town, I read that it had a pretty old town and that it should be seen before it got more developed. So off we went.

I am so glad we did but gutted we didn’t find it sooner, isn’t that always the way!

It had a typical Mediterranean square filled with restaurants, I so wanted to spend a night here just eating and drinking with friends.

We could only heard Portuguese people so either all the tourists had gone or this is where the locals hang out.

We found another dream, a bar that looked super cool but all closed. How fun would that be!

Across the way you can see Portimão, a place I did not like full of high-rise hotels and tacky bars, but you can just about see the Marina where we found a great spot, which is also featured over on Full as an Egg here and here

But the main reason we were sorry we didn’t find it sooner was because of on little stretch of restaurant right on the harbour, all selling fish straight from the sea.

They all had menu boards with todays catch, which you pay for by weight. They all had kitchens on the side of the harbour, so the fish was really really freshly cooked.

We so wanted to eat here!

One thing I loved about Portugal was seeing lots of groups of old gentlemen sitting around smoking and talking. It made me smile. Just sitting in the sunshine.

There are cute seats everywhere just for this purpose 🙂

This house reminded me of a 70’s bathroom… cute but horrid at the same time!

We walked up a huge hill through the old town, which was so pretty, and found this huge amazing church.

It also had a beautiful lavender garden in front of it, beautifully landscaped and well-tended.

From there we spied a castle that we saw from the marina the day before… so we went to have a look, walking over this beautiful deserted beach.

It looks like it was an old fort, and we thought it must be a place you could visit… like you can in England.

But getting closer we realised it was a private house! A huge massive castle was someones house! They had gates that led onto the beach, so amazing!

We spoke to some locals about it and it is owned by a Portuguese man who we were told paid a lot of money for the building.

Lucky him.

Loved the beach, completely free from tourists as there were no facilities whatsoever.

There were boats and fisherman’s huts everywhere.

Then we went back to the square, even if we couldn’t spend a night having fun here I wanted to stay for a little while.

So my Husband got me a sundae. I was so happy.

What is it about strawberry ice cream that makes you feel like a small child again?

You should definitely visit Ferragudo if you ever go to the Algarve. It is more developed than I thought it would be and opposite the old town the other side is covered in brand spanking new apartments, but escape that and the town is so lovely.

I want to go and spend a weekend here one day and not leave, just eating fresh from the harbourside kitchens and drinking wine with my Husband in the bustling square.

Massive Swoon!


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