Portugal – Silves

October 12, 2011

Another blog post another beautiful town in Portugal!

This was a town a little way inland called Silves, which of course I loved! It was a proper old town with squares, hills, majorly cute houses, a huge castle and best of all a building my Husband and I fell in love with and dreamt about opening it as a hotel, how cool would that be?

Again I doubt I would feel the same in the height of season as there was a huge car park by this river for coach trips, seemly the town is geared up for tourists, but on this day we seemed to be very few.

The first reason I loved this town? There was bunting everywhere!

A leafy square, perfect for a morning cappuccino or an early evening beer.

I loved the cute yellow and blue houses in older parts of towns.

And I loved the huge white churches, so pretty against the perfect blue sky.

We had a wander around the castle for about £3 and looked at the beautiful views of the surrounding valley, there were a lot of vineyards around.

Our hotel.

Come on you have to admit, it’s perfect! A huge building that goes far further than you can see, with a covered terrace for the restaurant…

And a huge leafy garden to the right, ripe for a pool!

Okay I am dreaming… but it would be an amazing place for a hotel.

Another gratuitous shot of my Husband and I.

I love his hat!


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