Portugal – Carvoeiro

October 11, 2011

So I have finally finished my Portugal blogs… I found so many cute places I have to share them with you.

I love Portugal, we went in September, just out of season which I think helped as it was very quiet. I definitely would not have liked the town we stayed near if it had been full of other tourists.

We stayed just outside of a small seaside town called Carvoeiro.

The centre of the town seemed to be two roads of bars and restaurants next to a beach with a further strip leading up out of the town to a few resorts.

The centre was my favourite part. And we ate at a great restaurant overlooking the beach called Onze twice! Check my blog over on Full as an Egg.

And if you left our villa and walked away from the direction of the town you find a secret smugglers beach, which you can only access through this cave…

It was beautiful and deserted, apart from a guy in a hammock, which is the tiny orange dot in the photograph above. He must be crazy!

We watched a great sunset from the cliffs above here.

Carvoeiro at night was beautiful.

My Husband and I at dinner, love this photograph of us!

Such a great holiday. I definitely love Portugal… more cute towns coming!


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