October 6, 2011

Today was the perfect Autumn day, sunny and crisp and cold enough to put a coat and scarf on.

I love it, my favourite time of year is when the seasons change from to another.

Autumn makes me look forward to getting cosy at home, with big mug of hot chocolate… I stock up on posh stuff and mini marshmallows so I can have a little treat after a long wet walk home.

There really is no better time to drink a mug of the sweetest drink than after you’ve been hurled about by wind and rain on your way home.

It’s also time to change the way we eat, gone are cereal, salads, sandwiches and BBQ food and in are porridge, hot soup, stews and best of all pie! Autumn is definitely pie season.

I want to make this very American pie from 101 Cookbooks, a spiced pumpkin pie!

But most of all I look forward to the change in fashion, getting my winter boots out, my wool-lined boots for walking to work and wellington boots for those especially wet days, big warm coats, soft scarves, hats and gloves.

Today was the first day I could put a warm coat on and not be too hot by the time I got to warm, there was a nice crisp breeze, I put on some music stopped into work in the sunshine and actually saw some little girls kicking up the leaves on the floor.

I love it.


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