Kids at Weddings

August 24, 2011

So one of the most difficult decisions for me was that we decided not to have children at our wedding.

This was kind of a bummer for me, I love kids at weddings, it was not a decision taken lightly.

I mean seriously look at this flower girl… who wouldn’t want that!

Photo from Bash Please via Snippet and Ink

I know many people have issues with weddings that set rules like this, I personally think people should do what is right for them at their weddings, I do believe that its their day!

When it came to our wedding, I found it more difficult and did actually want to think of others!

In the end it simply came down to costs, we were having our wedding at a city centre restaurant, we were starting at 5 and after a quick ceremony and dinner it was all about our party, not really a child-friendly day.

So I asked all of our friends and family to leave the kids at home, not because we didn’t want to see them we LOVE kids, more because we were having a party with drinks and loud music and wanted everyone to relax and have a good time… not worrying about their little ones or leaving because they were tired.

Ultimately a simultaneous selfless and selfish reason for not having them.

I am still gutted my God-kids won’t be there though, they would have made an amazing page boy and flower girl and melted everyone’s heart!


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