Hen Party

August 15, 2011

Another post full of hen photographs, once again more for me to reminisce and say thank you for such lovely friends!

This was a surprise party on Saturday night that my best man (yep!) and bridesmaids organised in Bristol…

I was blindfolded…

And led into a room full of my friends cheering and throwing confetti, I cried and left the room!

Then I put my blindfold back on, I think I was in shock!

A hug from my best man…

Happy Girl!

Such an amazing thing for them to have done, it was the perfect thing to do for my hen night, and a great party idea!

Lots of smiling faces…

The best man and Bridesmaid Rachael…

My beautiful girlfriends…

Wearing little black dresses and cute shoes; my uniform!

More hot girls… 😉

The room was gorgeous… they has put heart balloons everywhere and flowers. Swoon!

And look at that table!

Delicious canapés and cocktails, still gutted I didn’t get photographs of them!

I know there was an apple and goat cheese one, an amazing pork belly one, and some sausage rolls…

I could hardly eat though, I was too emotional and wanted to say hi to everyone!

My friends dj’d… Adrok is the best party dj I know!

These two photos make me smile so much!

Bridesmaid Hannah and me…

Then we had an amazing meal, I had rolled lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans…

Others had filo parcels with vegetables… I wish I knew the whole menu but I didn’t pay much attention, I could hardly eat!

They also got the most amazing cake, it was 5 layers of the lightest sponge, with layers of fruit and mousse, it was ridiculous!

Apologies for the messy photo I just had to show you the inside…

Me and Sofi the Bridesmaid…

Then we put on our dancing shoes and had a party! One of my faves Todd Edwards was paying followed by my friend Baz who did a set of drum and bass from our university years, all the tunes we used to and still do love. It. was. amazing.

Everyone was stamped with an S!

Ollie even picked up the mic, it was just like old times.

I got a little tipsy!

I even had some glitter put on my face! Thanks Dionne 🙂

So I had THE BEST TIME.  I will remember that night for ever. We did everything I love, got dressed up, drank cocktails and bubbles, ate delicious food and danced to drum and bass!

Thank you to everyone that came.

Ollie, Rach, Sofi and Hannah you guys are the best, I am so so lucky to be friends with you guys, LOVE YOU!!

(Photos stolen from various friends, thank you I hardly took any!)


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