Bridesmaids Inspiration

August 1, 2011

I knew what I wanted for my Bridesmaids, always knew. Stripes – nautical!

But when it came to it I didn’t I want them anymore, I couldn’t find any dresses I really loved for the girls, and I didn’t want my wedding to be a full on themed day… it’s not me.

You know I love rainbows right?

Yup! Since I was actually only having 3 Bridesmaids, and my best man I couldn’t quite have a rainbow so I went with a nautical nod, since we are getting married beside the river and some more brights; red, yellow and blue.

I wanted them to be young and fresh and fun, and look hot.

I also wanted each bridesmaid to have a different dress, however with time and money constraints this didn’t happen, it was far easier to go with one dress in the end.

Anyway… some inspiration for a mini rainbow of bridesmaids

Jason Wu and Tibi and Alice and Olivia

So here was my new starting point, and I loved it… when we all stand together we’ll look so bright and fun!


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