I Bow Down to Courtney Cox

July 17, 2011

Because her home she has renovated is dropdeadgorgeous.

Sure she has lots of money and time, but that doesn’t always lead to a beautiful home, think of all the people who are all money and no taste, it’s often people who are on a budget that have to be creative that make the most inspiring homes.

But yeh this one… WOWOWOW

The sitting room and kitchen in the main house

And in the screening house, the seating area and stainless steel kitchen just made for party catering

It is fresh and modern but not cold, and it definitely looks like a home not a hotel, a very stylish home yes but a home none the less.

Her eye for art and design has been showcased here big time, check the full article and gallery for all the big names this home is chocca!

The details that made me want to share this?

The decks and the fire pit, imagine the entertaining I could do here made me want to move to warmer climes!

And the kitchen in the screening house has a serving hatch modelled on food trucks, again how fun is this for parties!

The bedrooms and bathrooms are equally as beautiful, go check the full article here in Elle Decor.



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