Date Night – Colston Hall

June 22, 2011

We are failing at hitting our target of a date night a week, mainly because we are so busy with the wedding and sorting Supper Clubs… but we are not forcing it, just going out when we can.

A recent date was a trip to Colston Hall to listen to some classical music. I had won some tickets to a concert so we got dressed up and had a FREE date night!

I love the new Colston Hall building, this is the terrace.

Not the best views I admit, but it’s a nice place to get some air during the interval.

This is the foyer, it’s a big trek from the bottom to the top (where we were sitting) but it’s a beautiful space and I like climbing stairs in my heels.

I am really getting into classical music… it does lull me into sleepiness though, I think the violins are hypnotic.

Afterwards we went to Bordeaux Quay (our fave!) for a glass of wine.

What a grown up date!

Colston Hall has a great programme of events, get it out here and the bhuilding is lovely, a big mix of old and new… and the outside is coated in gold, what more could you want to make you feel fancy.


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