Ila Beyond Organic Day Cream

June 14, 2011

I saw this recommended by Liberty London Girl and decided to go for it as I want ‘glowy skin’, I want it anyway but I particularly want to be glowy at my wedding so have been looking for something special.

Sacha at Liberty London Girl said this made her skin look great during fashion week when I am guessing she was VERY busy!

I liked that it is organic and made in the Cotswolds too. So I splurged.

I have to say the packaging is gorgeous!

Pink and gold… amazing.

The cream is oh so light almost like a mousse, and a lovely smell, and after using it for two weeks I have to say I adore it already.

However if you don’t like strong smells I wouldn’t recommend it, because it uses essential oils it is quite strong.

They say;

“We recently discovered a new ingredient; fresh rose cells from the rose damascene plant that regenerate and restore vitality to the skin and are able to penetrate into deeper levels of the skin. These fresh cells combine beautifully with our rose damascene oil to bring extraordinary results-hydrated skin full of vitality and radiance. Our rose face cream is exquisite-with its soft and fluffy texture it penetrates easily and deeply and is healing.”

 Available from Ila Spa


2 Responses to “Ila Beyond Organic Day Cream”

  1. So glad it worked for you! LLGxx

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