Simple Pleasures – A Pub and a Walk in the Fields

June 6, 2011

There is nothing better than a pub lunch and a walk in some fields.

This little trip was from that beautiful bank holiday we had, I wish the sun would come back!

A hazy sunny day… A proper country pub with a huge garden is a must.

This was the view from our table.

I grew up in rural Wiltshire. Not quite out ‘in the sticks’ but near enough that I had fields all around me.

Now living in Bristol I am lucky not to be far from green most of the time but I am not in fields very often.

I miss fields like this, totally reminds me of the field behind my house as a kid, with the pond full of frogs spawn and a tree we all loved to climb.

You must love being in fields too? A real simple pleasure.



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