My Favourite Thing

June 3, 2011

What your favourite treat to yourself, for alone time? Do you have one? Do you need alone time?

I do.

My most favourite thing to go on my own is to go to my favourite restaurant (wherever that may be at the time), currently the Riverstation

I take a glossy, I order a glass of Chardonnay and french fries (has to be fries) and read.

Just me. No one can join me it would be ruined.

It should be sunny so you can be outside, but as long as you can people watch or you have a view it doesn’t matter.

Normally this is also time to brainstorm ideas for my Supper Club, but at the moment it is all about my wedding. My red book has been taken over with wedding stuff.

I am making the most of this time, planning my wedding has to be my idea of a dream job and I am relishing every moment.

So my regular glossies have been replaced with bridal magazines (my husband to be is getting cross at how many I have brought) but I will only be in this position once in my life, for 3 months.
Most brides to be get much longer. That is my defense anyway.

So hopefully this weekend I will find some time to do this, to sit by the water with a glass of wine and french fries and read a stack of magazines.

I would invite you too but this is my time!


2 Responses to “My Favourite Thing”

  1. Jem Says:

    Three months isn’t long, you are definitely justified in getting all the mags in. I love Riverstation too – got married there, funnily enough. Good luck with the planning x

    • Sally Says:

      I am getting married there too Jemma!!

      I would love to pick your brains about it, can I buy you a coffee/drink sometime next week? x

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