Afternoon Tea

April 14, 2011

I love afternoon tea and for the past year have been collecting china… and I finally got to use when I had my Mum and Brother over for Mothers Day…

I even got some bunting out.

I love to decorate a table, I got some little pots and delicate flowers from the garden centre for some colour…

Laid out lots of lovely presents for Mum… and I gave her the best cup and saucer.

I had some pretty pom poms up too. I made these!

I love getting to use my pretty things!

Served tea in my pretty (shot sized) cups

Had to slip this recommendation in, this raspberry lemonade is so yummy, I got mine from the supermarket.

To start I made mackerel pate and served with some bread I made at my bread making lesson.

I also served egg salad and cucumber and mint finger sandwiches.

I also made some scones, served with clotted cream and jam of course!

Then later that day my lovely neighbour put some trellis up for me so I could finally get my Jasmin growing up the house.

And the little table decoration pots found a permanent home on the sunny window sill.

We are gradually growing our collection of pretties outside the front door!


One Response to “Afternoon Tea”

  1. Lesley Says:

    And Mum appreciated all the effort you went to, and the lovely presents! The Bonne Maman jam was also a nice touch for Mothers’ Day.

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