April 1, 2011

I am desperate to go here, I look at their website all time. I am almost loathe to share because if it makes someone else go or one of you tell me you have been I may well turn green with envy!

I love the New Forest, having spent lots of time there as a child and really want to go back, this is the way to do it…

A beautiful room to have pre-dinner drinks.

A stunning exterior.

Imagine this being your view over a leisurely lunch.

A long along the (rooftop!) garden afterwards would be lovely.

Followed by a juice in the healthy cafe in the spa.

“The Scullery” restaurant is so cozy, perfect for a late supper.

This is their very own smoke house, where they make their own smoked salmon.

And this dear friends is the spa. Impressive non? Just opened, it looks amazing!

And of course the rooms are wonderful, huge calming and so beautiful.

They have extensive grounds with many options to stay in a room in the big house, or in a house of your own… they even have late room offers.

I need to start saving!

Just amazing.

Massive Swoon!


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