Date Night – Bristol Beer Factory

March 17, 2011

Date Night, my bf’s turn… he chose a night of drinking beer. I don’t drink beer. Hmmmmm

But then he told me we were having a tour at the Bristol Beer Factory, this I am much more interested in. I love small independent companies, I love them for making quality produce, especially when they are on my doorstep and Bristol seems to be doing very well for them at the moment. So I was excited to learn about Bristol Beer Factory.

So on their “tour for a tenner” we have a tour of the brewery, as much beer as you can drink, plus a bottle of milk stout to take home (umm bargain!)

Our beer for the evening, it was help yourself all evening.

The vats of brewing beer, you can see the yeast!

As I said I don’t drink beer, ever. I have tried it (well lager) and decided I didn’t like it and never went back. So this tour was a revelation, I found out I do like beer. First I tried Sunrise… then Acer, then a raspberry wheat beer and a little of the very special colab beer (see their website for details) all of which I enjoyed.

I defiantly see myself drinking beer with food as I do wine now, I still don’t think I could manage pints and pints of the stuff though!

We learnt about the ingredients of beer and how they make it, from the beginning to end…

They do have a cool job, they make beer all day… experimenting with different flavours.

At the moment they have some old oak red wine barrels in which they have some stout. I tried some of this it was so nice, and you can definitely compare it to red wine.

It has the same smoothness.

They are also awaiting some whiskey barrels and plan to experiment with stout and make 12 different ones this year (!)

I highly recommend Bristol Beer Factory beers (all available on their website shop or at these pubs around Bristol) and their tours, the guys are really nice, chatted to my bf about his homebrew all night giving hints and tips (Thanks Brett!) and were extremely knowledgeable about the process, they would be of course as they do it all themselves.

If you can’t get on an open tour they do hold private tours so get a group of friends together (the more friends, the cheaper it gets but the less beer you can!) and book one in, I know my bf is going back asap!

Visit the links above for more information.  


2 Responses to “Date Night – Bristol Beer Factory”

  1. Baron Orm Says:

    Excellent summary of the evening and so glad that you have discovered that beer is not just supermarket lager or ‘boring brown ale’.

    There’s no need to be drinking pints of the stuff, just find some tasty quality ales (can’t go wrong with the bottled Bristol Beer Factory stuff) and enjoy them in smaller quantities.

    My website is all about bottled ales, I’ve ‘baron rated’ over 400 so far and quite a few have audio reviews too so come over and see what takes your fancy!

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