Simple Pleasures: Bacon Sandwiches

March 11, 2011

It’s finally Friday and my mind is turning to my weekend plans…

Tonight I will be cooking a proper meal at home for the first time this week!
Tomorrow I am going to see my lovely friend Michele and my two amazing god-children to play in the garden hopefully, and eat cake for a very late birthday for Michele.
Then Sunday who knows, maybe go and get some Jerk chicken at the farmers market.


Mostly I am already planning my weekend breakfasts. They are the best part of the weekend.

After my post on Full as an Egg about using your local butcher, I decided to take my own advice and on Saturday Morning made a shopping trip to my local high street to visit the baker; Marks Bread and the butcher and make a lovely breakfast.

Smoked bacon. Dribble.

A fresh open sandwich rocks.

I love that they wrap the bacon in paper, no plastic to be seen on this trip. Gotta love that!

Real bread, that is so filling you don’t always need 2 slices. Real chunky bacon. Fresh avocado.

I could eat that again right now.


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