Proper Sunday with the ‘Family’

March 11, 2011

So another post about my love for Sundays, Sundays Rule!

After feeling sorry for myself for the whole of Saturday with a hacking cough and fluey bug I decided to get out and about with friends on Sunday.

10 of us walked all through Ashton Court from Bedminster…

Over the Suspension Bridge to Clifton then down towards Hotwells to a proper pub; the Adam and Eve for a big roast dinner.

I do love this pub, it’s very cute, with real fires, lots of corners to hide away in with your mates and your drinks, there is even a ‘lovers corner’ and a big pile of games. A great date spot I think!

After eating our fill of roasts, vegetarian (Portobello Mushroom with Halloumi) lamb, beef and pork belly…

Then waffles, sticky toffee pud and cheese…

Some of us headed back up the hill to Clifton, the rest of us back along one river before crossing over another to Bedminster… all of us headed straight for our sofas I am sure…

I love this walk along the river, you walk through boat yards and old factory’s.

A lovely day, I always laugh so much with ‘Team Barry’. Yep we are a team, of Barry’s.

Amazing what sunshine, good company (and laughter) and some fresh air can do for a moody girl!


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