Jaeger and My Spring Coat

March 7, 2011

So it might only just be March and it might still be freezing but I have bought myself a spring coat.

I have wanted a good mac for a long time but have never found one I really love, well one that I could afford anyway (Burberry one day you will be mine!) until I spotted this beauty…

I love that it still classic but has a different detail; I adore the back. I never did find a cape I like this winter so missed out on that trend, but this is very cape-like, so pleased!

Even more pleased that I need a small size, yes its silly but it’s always nice right?!

While we are here we should just admire the Jaeger Boutique line in general (at ASOS), very cute playful pieces… here is my wishlist.

Uh oh I am definitely getting carried away, these are all very summery, I must remember that it is still really really cold outside. March, come on warm us up please!


All images from ASOS


2 Responses to “Jaeger and My Spring Coat”

  1. Jem Says:

    Lovely! Ps there is a classic Burberry trench coat in the vintage shop in clifton arcade at the moment ( at least there was last weekend…)

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