Swoon Sundays

March 6, 2011

I don’t always manage a Sunday Roast but I always try to have a yummy dinner whether we eat in or go out.

I want to try to make more effort, make them more special.

This is what we had the last time we sat down properly on a Sunday night, together at the table.

Pork Belly with stuffing (can’t remember what kind), with olive oil mash and kale. God it was good!

So unless we do eat out with friends (pub roasts, all the goodness without washing up!) then this is the kind of meal I want to cook. Meat and two vegetables!

Today we meeting a big group of friends to go for a walk through Ashton Court and then have a roast in Clifton. Cannot wait.

I am still under the weather and have now developed a hacking cough but I have been inside for a week and I’m climbing the walls. So I am going to wrap up warm and hope seeing my friends cheers me up and helps me get better.

What are you doing with your sunday? I hope you all have a lovely day!

Swoon over Sundays, the best day of the week.


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