Dorset, the blues and greens that made me Swoon

March 4, 2011

I am back in Bristol and although it is by no means a metropolis far away from green (I can see fields from my house) my day-to-day life does not bring me in to contact with the greens and blues I saw so much of last week.

The Sea

I love being by the sea, being on the beach with the warm beneath your toes… nothing beats it.

We however were visiting in February so we had to make do with a walk along the beach, boots on.


Lyme Regis has a sandy beach and a cobble beach

The sun always seems bigger when you’re at the seaside.

And so much sky.

And the greens… having grown up beside fields I think I need some green in my life, always and forever. It makes me feel more at ease, and happy to just be.

This was the view of the village we staying in from the fields, our cottage was opposite the church and school.

One day I want to live in the country, somewhere like Dorset. In a village. With lots of green all around.

If I am being super specific, I would also like a stream, ideally in my garden but nearby would do 😉

The towns are also very pretty.

In fact we visited lots of picturesque places, and town or village they all had wonderful old school pubs.

The village we stayed in had no pub, but another village a short walk across some fields did. It was also the village post office.

It served real ales and ciders.

And inside they had fires going in every corner and the traditional holiday money and beer mat decoration. Love this.

There definitely has to be a pub in my village.

 And I must have a cute house. I spent the whole of last week oooohing and awwwing over many pretty houses, and cute cottages. Look at all the colours.

I hate new builds normally but this one is pretty good!

Imagine having a little bridge over the stream to your house, Swoon!

Or a castle in your garden!

The old village school always becomes a really impressive house

I especially loved the houses with bowing walls, my bf assured me this would not be so fun when trying to put furniture in etc but I love it, gives a house huge character

This house nearly made me fall over, it’s like something from a fairy take, so beautiful. My photograph does not do it justice.

We even started shopping, we took this pic so we could look up the house price when we got home

Even the house directly behind ours was lovely.

Although I didn’t love anything as much as I love our cottage, if I had the money I would offer the owner a silly sum to make it mine now.

That/s it, I’ll stop talking about Dorset now 😀 just promise me you will go visit this summer, I will definitely be going back.



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