Date Night – Stories

February 28, 2011

So date night number 3, the bf’s idea… we went to Thali Cafe (a Bristol institution) to eat some great Indian food.

If you live in Bristol and you have never been to Thali then go, the restaurants are so cute, and I love their eclectic styling and the food is not only really great it is also cheap.

We ate some “beach snacks” to start, I love that they are called this, you can (almost) pretend you’re on holiday, the food is really authentic.

Then a Thali, I love this way of eating, it’s so much food.

I had a chicken curry, the bf had a fish curry then we also had a beautiful salad, chutneys, rice, a vegetable curry and a dhal.


I was so full after all that.

Afterwards went upstairs listen to some Begal folk stories.

The story-teller was amazing, his children were sat behind us.

My bf and I were very jealous that they have such a good story-teller on hand at all times, imagine their bed-time stories!

Really lovely night.


3 Responses to “Date Night – Stories”

  1. […] out my blog about our evening there here and book your place now, I got the last two spots last time and the place was packed! Booking is […]

  2. Nats Says:

    Ooh sounds like a lovely way to spend an eve. Can you tell me when the next one is please?

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