My Perfect Saturday

February 18, 2011

Last weekend while my bf was occupied with video games I decided to have a perfect day at home…

I lounged with Biggie the cat

My bf brought me pain au chocolate from Marks Bread and I sat down with a stack of glossies and coffee.

Then I cut them all up, I love to scrapbook looks and ideas I love (though of course Vogue never gets cut)

I baked. Chocolate banana bread.

Which I then ate hot from the oven with butter.

For lunch I had more Mark Bread treats; the 7 seeded loaf, with some goats cheese and crisps with dip and ginger beer, a great picky-snacky lunch.

I wandered down the high street near my house to get a cappuccino, I cannot have a perfect day without a cappuccino. Oh and another glossy. My magazine addiction is deep.

I watched an old movie, Sabrina, in bed.

I brought some flowers for a friend I was visiting and had a glass of wine with the bf.

Hung out with girlfriends in my friends amazing pad, its in an old factory, check out the beautiful brickwork.

The views are pretty special.

Perfect. This weekend will be very different I am so busy, will be running around as I am throwing my bf a birthday party… will share with you all later this month.

What would you do on your perfect day?


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