Rob Ryan

February 17, 2011

Rob Ryan is one of my favourite artists, and has been since I first discovered him through his greetings cards a few years ago…

His laser cut out rock, this is his annual Valentines cut out;

And a print to celebrate two years of Ryan Town, his shop;

Which is SO CUTE!! Really want to pay him a visit.

I love how sentimental and romantic his pieces are, I am saving for one for the bedroom;

I need to stock up on his tape, to make wrapping presents that much more fun… I like to use brown paper so this will stand out on my gifts;

There was talk recently of the Boy and I updating our kitchen (which isn’t happening anytime soon) but if and when I do get my forever house I am definitely including some of these tiles in the design;

This one is brilliant;

I love this sentiment, he puts this one a lot of his pieces;

A scarf, this is beyond amazing… so lovely, a real treasure;

I am lucky enough to own a few Rob Ryan pieces already…

This is a present I got for the bf shortly after we moved in together; a reference to how I always knew 😉

These were a present from him at Christmas;

They are his and hers, cute!

From John Lewis

And these were given to me by his parents at Christmas, I need a dresser so I can display these they are too beautiful to live in a box, too precious to live in the cupboard with the rest of our plates.

They are the seasons;

Available at Bodie and Fou

You can buy his work at his Etsy shop or from his shop Ryan Town


2 Responses to “Rob Ryan”

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