101 Cookbooks

February 3, 2011

101 Cookbooks was one of the first blogs I ever read and it is defiantly the one I go back to the most.

It started with Heidi deciding she had too many cookbooks so couldn’t buy any more until she had cooked every recipe from those she already owned… she now has two cookbooks of her very own.

Its focus is on healthy fresh recipes and they are all vegetarian and a lot are vegan.

Heidi lives in San Fransisco (and makes me want to as well) and is also an amazing photographer with a unique style.

Some of my favourites;

Lasagna Tart

Pounded Walnut Strozzaapreti

Baked Sweet Potato Falafel

Sautéed Zucchini

 Jamaican Veggie Patties

Her recipes, whether from a cookbook or her own are always so different and tasty and most importantly healthy. I am always going back to 101 Cookbooks, you can see my attempts at some of Heidi’s recipes on Full as an Egg

I need to make some of her sweet treats and really want to build a natural foods pantry so I can do so!


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