Knock Knock

January 27, 2011

I love to be organised, when I am organised and have everything done and everything I need at home I feel good, I feel on top of things and feel like I can handle anything…

Knock Knock combines my love of stationary with my need to be organised… almost making it seem fun…

A to do list pad with tables, to organise your to do list (this is too much!)

I always make a packing list whether I am going away for 1 night or 3 weeks,whenever I haven’t I have forgotten something…

Are you always having great ideas? Log them!

This is great, I would use this daily… I am always looking for new recipes for my food blog on the internet before heading to find the bits I need…

I might get this for my bf, he is always lending books to people and forgetting…

A health log, I love to keep track of my diet and exercise habits, I am definitely healthier when I do…

Oh god, my house is going to be full of notes, to do lists and logs… Swoon!


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