January 24, 2011

I have always been obsessed with Ballet, I took classes when I was little and started again last year… 

I was never a serious dancer I just love the grace and poise of the dancing, and the fashion.

Yes really, another post about Black Swan.

It had to be done, the costumes deserve the attention.

Rodarte were the natural choice, they have that feel and look already in their designs, take a look at this (small) selection from some of their catwalks…


Their costume sketches are beautiful, I want these framed and on my wall…

The whole way through I was watching the costumes just as much as the movie, they were an important part of it… telling who was who, who those people were, and how they were feeling at various points in the movie…

I always swoon over Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s designs anyway and now they have made me want to dress up like a ballerina, with a full on tutu!

I even love the clothes worn in dance classes, the tights, the veiled skirts and leotards in muted pinks and creams…

I love the details as well, that they had dyed the practise tutu to show years of use, and the shoes, being broken in and sown all the way through… dancers get through a hell of a lot of shoes!

I might have to overhaul my wardrobe, lots of cashmere greys, pinks and whites for my ‘dance class’ look for lounging, and (even more) big netted skirts and feathers for going out.


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