Mr and Mrs Smith… Valentines

January 22, 2011

Swoon loves Mr and Mrs Smith if you are ever looking for a naughty weekend away but don’t want to trawl the internet or find yourself disappointed when the hotel you’ve booked doesn’t live up to expectation… Mr and Mrs Smith is you…

For Valentines their list of recommendations is ridiculous, Ladies and Gentlemen if you want some serious brownie points or a special occasion is coming up then look no further…

Hope House, Oxfordshire

With just three rooms in this family house, you can play at being Lord and Lady of the manor for the weekend…

Coworth Park, Berkshire

Turn up the glamour at this beautiful country house hotel near Ascot…

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

Or make like Audrey in Roman Holiday and hang out in Rome…

La Mamounia

Or go get some sunshine in Morocco…

Le Logis de Puygaty

Get romantic in the French countryside, take long walks before coming home to your very own Chateau!

The Surrey

New York, New York… do I need to say anything else?

Hotel Recamier

Paris. I adore Paris, I went a few times when I was younger, reeeally want to go back!

The Connaught

One of the best hotels in London…

And if you book through Mr and Mrs Smith you get the best rooms, and a little treat as well, sometimes champagne or a little cocktail to welcome you… This is one hell of a Hotel list!

There is so much more on the website too, from little Wiltshire B&Bs to grand hotels in Venice and Rome, there is something for everyone and every budget.



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