Sofi Donuts

January 21, 2011

Sofi is my coolest friend. Her blog is also the coolest…

Oh yes and a major babe!

Her bio;
Founder | Ex Owner of Donuts the Store | Brand Experience Glacèau vitaminwater | Fashion PR at Rock Solid | UK Sales + Blogger for Rockers NYC | Workaholic | Neat Freak | Leopard Print | Stripes | Mike Patton | Love Quotes | Taking Photographs | Death Metal + Hip Hop Fanatic | contact :

She has a thing for shoes…

But her real love is sneakers…

She has two naughty cats called Moomin and Buddy…

She also has 6 other ladies writing on her blog who are all lovely/cool as well…

They blog about art




Plus film, food, girls, music photography, skateboarding, technology, travel as well as their fave youtube videos and (breathe) interviews with people they like…

Its a pretty expansive blog so you’ll always have lots to read and expand your mind on…

I have to admit the fashion blogs tend to be my favourite, and I also freely admit although I used to wear cool clothes when I was a promoter and didn’t have a real job (and when I lived with Sofi and stole her clothes) I don’t anymore, I very much gravitate towards classic, girly pieces.

So these pieces are even more drool-worthy to me now…

Sofi is one of the biggest music geeks I know, she’s up there with my bf, seriously get those two together, set them chatting on hip-hop and prepare to be ignored!

My absolute favourite posts though, are Sofi’s I went out last night photos, she always has such funny random photos

Love it!


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